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Empowerment et leadership

Advice and Advocacy


Conflict analysis and assessment

Empowerment et leadership

Support individuals to unleash their leadership by highlighting their needs and behavioral habits to create a positive momentum to reinforce their self-confidence and emotional intelligence while valuing their individuality.
Coaching : A coaching around guided questions and the shaping of a new behavioural blueprint

Real-time coaching: during a crisis and/or before a mediation/dialogue facilitation to support you in keeping a peak state to better understand the situation and gain clarity

FTraining: customized trainings, adaptable format (quick session (1:30 am) – ½ a day – 1 or several days).

Advice and Advocacy

Enable to develop strategies and processes after a thorough analysis to deliver pragmatic and didactic synthesis, with the possibility to draft policies, legal texts, agreements, oral or written advocacy materials to put forward your interests and needs in a clear and efficient manner.

Médiation, transformation de conflit et facilitation de dialogue « Seat.Talk.Solve »

Invite parties to dialogue by facilitating the process through an active listening to help the parties gain clarity to make the best decision possible or come to an agreement while empowering them by accompanying them in better understanding their goals, values, needs, thus the actions to take. The solution can lead to the drafting of a formal agreement. In every case, a follow-up to identify winning actions and areas of improvement is proposed.

Conflict analysis and assessment / actors « Mapping »

Analyse, estimate with you your conflicts to put you in the best conditions to make decisions and act by involving all the actors.

Our approach

CREATIVE RESOLUTION’s approach is pluridisciplinary and rooted in a strong sense of ethics geared towards the needs and challenges of our partners and customers to provide them with effective and adequate solutions. Beyond that, it is the belief that society and global dynamics evolve, transform to define and create new paradigms, which mirror common sense, interdisciplinarity, long-term visions, effectiveness in the service of progress and human evolution, an inspired capitalism where everyone can contribute to this global, human, social, political , technological, financial and cultural revolution.

Other activities

Creative Resolution wants to be creative itself and to widen its spectrum of actions by participating in different initiatives like pro bono activities, active contribution to the International Mediation Institute, as well as collaborating to a play around mediation.

Nominee at the Pro Bono trophies of the Paris Bar for a Rule of law project with a Beninese NGO. The project won the prize of United Nations Volunteers (French handbook on the prevention of torture using mediation tools to establish a sound communication).

Co-chair of the inter-cultural appraisal sub-committee of the International Mediation Institute

Young mediator of the International Mediation Institute

Participation in the play Sweet Justice in Geneva