AI for good, ethics, international mediation , human rights, SDGs, public-private
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Actor of change
AI for good. Conflicts Résolution

As an actor of change, to contribute to the debates around the international governance through the lens of innovation, IA, ethics and people.

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New paradigms are emerging from the evolution of society and new international dynamics

Artificial Intelligence and innovation for the sustainable development goals (SDGs), progress for all, sustainability, cross-disciplinary approaches and effectiveness require strategic choices and a clear governance.  Public (States and International Organizations) and private (economic operators and the civil society) actors need to collaborate within a strong ethical framework, a hands-on human rights-based approach, and through human-centered processes to create value and increase the social and societal impacts of their actions.

Virginie MARTINS de NOBREGA founded CREATIVE RESOLUTION in 2016 to engage herself as an actor of change, while practising as a registered lawyer and a mediator at the Paris Bar and Brussels.

CREATIVE RESOLUTION is grounded on the willingness to be creative and innovative when tackling cross-cutting issues related to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) to best assist clients and partners in gaining clarity and efficiency within an ethical framework. Hence, to better advise them and accompany them within the spectrum of their social, environmental and societal responsibility (CSR).

In 2018, research were conducted on the risks and opportunities of sustainability-oriented innovation and AI applications to leverage the impact, speed, and efficiency of public policies and initiatives in relation with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) mainly in the United Nations system (Innovation Lab).

CREATIVE RESOLUTION thus organically broadened its area of expertise to governance, applied ethics, and applied human-rights to innovations and applications of Artificial Intelligence for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) « AI for GOOD ». 

CREATIVE RESOLUTION has been shaped by experiences in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the United States.  

Within international corporations and law firms, the above issues have been tackled through the lens of corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Within European and international institutions, conflict prevention and resolution in complex and political situations have been the core challenge, as well as supporting innovative and efficient actions through legal assessment and risk analysis.

Advisory and analysis services

To produce in-depth analyses and syntheses to provide pragmatic and customized advices.

Advocacy and defence of interests

To design strategies and advocacy material based on a comprehensive needs analysis to best defend your interests with a pragmatic approach.

Conflict resolution

To conduct constructive dialogues/negotiations within a structured process (interests-based negotiation / mediation) to ease your decision-making process and/or finding solutions possibly formalized in an agreement.