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About us

Our story, our values, our background

CREATIVE RESOLUTION is the result of both a professional and a personal journey.

The professional journey was originated and motivated by the willingness to acquire experience in international law, human rights, conflict resolution with the view of better understanding the interactions between institutional, regional and/or local actors.

CREATIVE RESOLUTION has developed through experiences in the public and private sectors in Europe, Asia, South America and the Unites States. Within international companies and law firms, the above issues were approached from the angle of the connections between human rights and business (CSR-Green Task force with the objective to introduce the Ecuador principles of the World Bank creating due diligence for the assessment of social and economic impact of investment projects), negotiations and the impact of laws and policies on international business operations.

Private / Public sector experience

Within the international and European institutions, endeavors have evolved progressively of the international justice realm towards international human rights, prevention and transformation of conflicts, dialogue facilitation, peacemaking and mediation.

Pluridisciplinary approach

CREATIVE RESOLUTION’s approach has always been multidisciplinary to deliver articulate and clear analyses and syntheses to assist clients in designing and leading strategies and processes, as well as advising clients with a holistic, pragmatic and effective mindset.

Human experience

Along with this know-how came self-awareness and the “conquest of oneself”. The cultural heritage found an echo by opening to deeper connections with people thanks to an active listening and constructive dialogues although passionate and reflecting a large variety of opinions.  

Conflicts and their resolution

Creative Resolution Ariane's thread has been all along conflict resolution, and more widely human rights and the evolution of society.

At the age of globalization and social media, all actors (political, economic, business, social, the civil society, citizens) have to collaborate and engage in a global approach to create more values to meet the deep political, social, environmental and human aspirations of society.

Negotiators, mediators and facilitators are a key component of this mindful cooperation.

They help to restore the connection between individuals by building bridges of understanding, which clarify the needs and interests, sustain a constructive dialogue and empower individuals to enable them to make the best décisions.


Needs and risks assessment

Sound communication

Mediation, dialogue facilitation, conflict trasnformation, advocacy, policies drafting


Implementation of sustainable strategies to build long-term relationships and/or partnerships (strategic analysis, process design, raod map, capacity building)

Capacity building

Support, training, capacity building

International Mediation

CREATIVE RESOLUTION wants to be an actor of change and to contribute to the development of these new synergies by a solution-oriented approach focused on our partners and clients’ needs.

CREATIVE RESOLUTION wants to build bridges of understanding by supporting individuals, companies, state institutions, states and non-profits by developing behavioral and relational skills (self-awareness, self-management : the art of being).

Design of strategies
Capacity building
The art of being

Our values


A vision centered on individuals for individuals to better value their talents and potential to create more added-value and well-being, and therefore to promote human rights based on solidarity between individuals and a higher sense of self responsibility instead of conflicts and division.


A commitment to respect a code of conduct, to act in transparency, to be in alignment with our values and to establish long-term relationships based on trust.


Being solution-oriented and pragmatic

Our background

Virginie Martins de Nobrega is a mediator and a lawyer in Paris and Brussels. She also intervenes for consultancies or as a trainer in Europe and internationally. 

Winner of the 2010 French speaker’s mediation competition organized by the Center of Mediation and Arbitration of Paris (CMAP), she was trained afterwards in commercial mediation. She is enrolled in continuous learning, particularly in human rights, peace processes and conflict analyses (The Folke Bernadotte Academy, Swisspeace).

She holds a Master in international and European law from Paris OUEST Nanterre University (2004), after 2 years studies in preparatory business schools.

Works in: French / English and understands in Spanish and Portuguese.

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